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Under the Hood of SAP Order to Cash Process and Archiving

Certainly! SAP's Order to Cash (O2C) process covers a comprehensive series of steps from the customer order to the receipt of payment. Archiving plays a crucial role in ensuring the management of large volumes of transactional data generated during this process. Here’s a brief summary of the Order to Cash process and how archiving is integrated:

1. Sales Order Creation: Once a quotation is accepted, a sales order can be created in the system based on the quote.

2. Delivery Creation: After a sales order is placed, the delivery process starts. It involves picking the goods, packing, and then shipping them to the customer.

3. Billing Process: Once the goods are shipped, an invoice is generated based on the delivery. This invoice is sent to the customer.

4. Payment Receipt: Once the invoice is received, the customer makes the payment. The payment is recorded in the SAP system and matched against the relevant invoice.

As the O2C process involves multiple stages and transactions, a large amount of data is generated over time. Not all of this data needs to be available for instant access. Archiving helps in managing this data in a systematic manner.

Please join us in discovering archiving in O2C. Take aways are knowledge and expertise in providing a solution for this business process.

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