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Para-FI Archiving

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

FI Parallels processing

FI Postings Archiving Parallel Processing

When there is a huge volume of FI records in your system, there might be performance issues during archiving data with object FI_DOCUMNT. This leads to termination of the archiving job. To solve this issue, SAP provides an archiving object FI_DOC_PPA to allow parallel processing of FI_DOCUMNT archiving into separate jobs which improves performance in the archiving process. Goals are to Improve Performance of Archiving in Financial Accounting, Increase throughput – number of documents archived and Maximize time-window for archiving. The FI_DOC_PPA objects acts as a wrapper program for the FI_DOCUMNT archiving object schedules archiving jobs by calling FI_DOCUMNT write report which is “FI_DOCUMNT_WRI”

How to use FI_DOC_PPA?

To make the best use of time and resources, the Archiving run is split into 2 processes:

1.The Pre-Processing Step:

Creates packages by reading entries from BKPF and storing them in the variant table



Reads the entries from variant table FIDOC_VAR_PPA and schedules jobs for archiving.

The number of jobs scheduled will depend on the customizing settings:

Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Parallel Processing and Job Control -> Parallel Processing -> Maintain Job Distribution:

Example: if the No. of Tasks/jobs maintained is 10, then 10 entries from FIDOC_VAR_PPA are picked and 10 jobs for those 10 entries will be scheduled.

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