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Unlock Your Future: Archive, Optimize, and Thrive in SAP Archiving

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Archiving future

SAP Archiving refers to the process of archiving old data that is no longer needed in the SAP system to improve system performance and reduce database footprint.

Career opportunities in SAP Archiving are vast and can be pursued by business and technical science graduates or new consultants and individuals who are looking for a career change.

Here's a breakdown of potential paths and considerations.

Functional Consultant: Business graduates can work as functional consultants specializing in SAP Archiving. They can be the bridge between the technical team and the business users, understanding business requirements, and ensuring that the archiving strategy aligns with these requirements.

Technical Consultant: Technical science graduates can work on the technical side of SAP Archiving, configuring the archiving objects, scheduling jobs, ensuring data integrity after archiving and software development using ABAP programming language.

Common skills: Knowledge of SAP functionality regardless of background is essential to understand the SAP ecosystem.

Soft Skills: Effective communication, analytical skills, problem-solving ability, and teamwork are crucial in this field.

Learning path: In an ideal scenario, a combination of both training and knowledge transfer would be best. Starting with a formal training program to build a foundation, followed by knowledge transfer sessions with experts in the field to delve deeper into real-world applications and scenarios.

Career Progression: With experience and training individuals can move into roles such as SAP Archiving Solution Architect, where they design comprehensive archiving solutions for organizations. There's also potential to branch out into broader SAP consultancy roles or even data governance and management areas.

As an Archiving Solution Architect and Knowledge Transfer Resource we provide the necessary tools in achieving growth and expertise in this field. Please visit our website and book a free Session "SAP Archiving (KT) Knowledge Transfer Introduction". or drop us a line. We will be readily available to provide you answers to your queries. <(=)<

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